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Meet some of Our Team

Chrissy Harper

Head National FIGHT KLUB® Master Trainer

Chrissy began teaching FIGHT KLUB® in 2011 and quickly progressed through the ranks to achieve Master Trainer status. Chrissy is now a well-known fitness presenter on the convention circuit and has taught FIGHT KLUB® all over the UK and Europe. His martial arts background includes kickboxing, TKD, Capoeira along with his current study of Wing Chun Kuen. Outside of FIGHT KLUB®, Chrissy is a celebrity personal trainer and is also an ambassador for Reebok.

Daniel Duckett

National FIGHT KLUB® Master Trainer & New Business Advisor

Daniel qualified as a FIGHT KLUB® Instructor in 2012 and progressed to a FIGHT KLUB® Master Trainer and Presenter in 2013. Daniel holds a black belt in both Taekwondo and Kickboxing. He is also a qualified PT specialist and a group exercise trainer with 20+ years of experience as a martial artist. Daniel purchased the first official FIGHT KLUB® IN THE COMMUNITY franchise in 2015 and due to overwhelming success, opened two further sites within six months.

Putting his experience to good use, he now advises new franchisees on best practice for the "Getting Into Business" phase.


Ross Mathieu


Ross is an International Fitness Presenter and current England National Karate Squad Athlete with over 20 years of experience in the Martial Art Karate. A holder of numerous English & British Karate titles and experience in competing on the World & European stage, he took his love for martial arts and combat fitness a step further by becoming a FIGHT KLUB® Instructor in April 2015. He also has a keen interest in Boxing, having successfully competed in his first White Collar Boxing fight in November 2015. 

Ross has a Degree in Business Studies & Sports Science as well as a professional background in Digital Marketing, working for and consulting some of the UK's largest brands, helping them to revolutionise their digital advertising strategies. 


Marlon May

FIGHT KLUB® Master Trainer

Marlon qualified as a Fight Klub instructor in 2014 and is currently working towards becoming a Fight Klub presenter. His martial arts background includes Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Goju Ryu Karate. Outside of Fight Klub, Marlon is a bio mechanic, corrective exercise and rehabilitation specialist, operating from a 1 on 1 training studio and therapy room.


Hannah Langton

FIGHT KLUB® Master Trainer

Hannah has been teaching group exercise classes since 2011. She teaches a variety of concepts including mixed martial arts.

After qualifying in Fight Klub concepts in 2014, Hannah was selected by Troy to join the Master Trainer Fasttrack scheme. Since then she has been touring the UK and Europe with Fight Klub, presenting and being mentored by other Fight Klub Master Trainers. 


Philip Tieu

FIGHT KLUB® Technical Advisor    

Philip is the FIGHT KLUB® Technical Advisor. He is an expert in Boxing, Thai Boxing, JKD and the Filipino martial art, Kali (stick fighting). Philip not only advises on the technical components of the FIGHT KLUB® training, but also delivers training on various courses. He is the founder of “Team Tieu” Thai Boxing club, which is currently dominating the sport of Thai Boxing in the UK with 18 world champions on the team, and is also the Boxing and Martial Arts Coordinator for Gymbox, the London based gym chain.

Ellie Stickley

FIGHT KLUB® Instructor Support

Ellie has been teaching Fight Klub for 3 years. She followed the Fight Klub methodology to the letter, and built up the most successful community classes in Hertfordshire from scratch! Through her perseverance, enthusiasm and positive attitude, Ellie now presents Fight Klub Beat Box at events. Her friendly and helpful nature has led her to become part of Fight Klub's core team,  heading-up the role of supporting our Fight Klub Instructors.

Ellie can be contacted directly by emailing our instructor support address:

Skids Bradshaw

FIGHT KLUB® Marketing / Graphic Design

Skids is our brand manager and print graphic designer and definitely a FIGHT KLUB® enthusiast. He is a regular face and voice at our events and loves the energy, vibe and atmosphere that FIGHT KLUB® encompasses and encourages.

Skids has over 20 years experience in the digital design industry and has been instrumental in developing and delivering clean, vibrant and consistent visuals for FIGHT KLUB®'s print, clothing and on-site media