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FIGHT KLUB® working in association with

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What are the Benefits of FIGHT KLUB®?

This page outlines some of the key benefits that FIGHT KLUB® brings and why you should launch FIGHT KLUB® at your centre…

Giving You The Edge

FIGHT KLUB® will give you the edge over your local and national competition. Our classes alone do this, purely because not every gym will choose to invest.

FIGHT KLUB® is a great unique selling point (USP), unlike other commercially well-known products such as Zumba® or Les Mills®.

Building Social Groups

We focus on building social groups within your centre so customers visit for more than the use of your fitness facilities.

We know that if a customer is part of a social group, it will increase both club usage and additional in-house spend.

Generating Sales

Recently, a club held an open day which we announced to our database and via social media. FIGHT KLUB® attracted 427 people.

The centre signed up 17 new members, tripled their restaurant takings and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their existing members.

Return on Investment

Our target is to generate a return on investment within the first six months of you launching our programme.

Many use our FIGHT KLUB® Master Classes on their club open days to attract new members.

Retain Existing Members

Our Klub Support package is also about stimulating existing members and encouraging them to stay loyal to you.

Our site visits give members something to look forward to and will create a real sense of community within your centre.  

Creates Excitement

When you announce FIGHT KLUB® is launching at your site, your members will literally ‘jump for joy’.

Our aim is to ensure FIGHT KLUB® is in high demand before its launch to create this type of reaction and immediately becomes the most talked about class at your centre.

Attracts Men and Women

FIGHT KLUB® attracts a whole new demographic into the studio as it appeals to both men and women.

If taught correctly, you can expect to find a mix of 35% men to 65% women in a typical FIGHT KLUB® class. It will attract people who do not regularly participate in group fitness lessons.

More Bang for your Buck

We have kept our Set Up, Equipment, Licencing and Instructor Training costs low compared to other well know brands to make FIGHT KLUB® better value for money.

We have also added a comprehensive support service to ensure that FIGHT KLUB® numbers remain high and that you have peace of mind.

From FIGHT KLUB® gyms

We had a massive BODYCOMBAT following at our centres when we launched in September 2013, but we also had a lot of members that didn't 'do' BODYCOMBAT because they didn't like it, me included! We find now that all the BODYCOMBAT people do FIGHT KLUB®, plus those who didn’t like BODYCOMBAT give FIGHT KLUB® a try and love it! It doesn't affect numbers in either class and we are now attracting members from other gyms that don't have FIGHT KLUB®! People that haven't participated in classes before and want to come and try it!

Dawn Holding – Manager, Margate Leisure Centre

If your club is holding Les Mills BODYCOMBAT, then you already have the target market ready and interested! Those that do BODYCOMBAT love to do FIGHT KLUB® – finally participants are using the punches and kicks they have picked up, and are striking something! Both disciplines really compliment each other at a club.

Fran Pike – Manager, Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Canterbury

Get it in your’s easily the most popular class we deliver!

Tony Argyrou – Owner, Dominate Fitness, Stevenage

I'm a small business who opened just three weeks ago, my budget was very low and committing to buy the FIGHT KLUB® package was a big but easy decision to make. I've taken part in many FIGHT KLUB® classes over the past 10 years, and for a class like this to still be growing not only in the UK but other countries too it's a no brainer! I have had over 30 members join in the last two weeks just because of the FIGHT KLUB® classes. Initially started with 3-5 classes throughout the week, within 2 weeks I've had to put another 5 classes on due to the demand of having 15-20 people on waiting lists. I've more or less made my money back already, and will be investing in more bags in the future. FIGHT KLUB® compliments all classes on a time table! It's new and different and people of all ages/sex/size are loving it. I didn't have a big budget, I'm no MC, I know a success when I see it! Don't hesitate to get it in your clubs! Come see for yourself if you're close to Nottingham! The statement is true!... "Everybody's talking about it!"xxx

Samantha Thornton – Owner, Ocean Fitness, Nottingham

David Lloyd Hampton

We launched FIGHT KLUB® Bag Box here at David Lloyd Hampton in January 2012 and it has just got bigger and crazier since then.  It is the one workout that has brought men into a studio class and members never tire of the workout.  
We even have a couple of members from another David Lloyd club (which does not have FIGHT KLUB®) who make the journey every week just to do  this class.  Luckily for us we have a big studio because we keep having to increase the amount of punch bags we have!!

Members are absolutely passionate about this class and new members bring their wives/husbands/daughters to the class and because they can share a punch bag, it allows them to train together and have fun at the same time - they always come back for more!

In my opinion, this concept has the potential to be bigger than Body Combat. I can see it being on the studio timetables of all of the main operators in the country within the next 2 - 3 years. I would suggest other DL Clubs  get in there early as we have, and be first to launch in your area before everyone else does. 
I had to nag my GM for months to get this programme on our timetables as there was no budget etc. However he eventually gave in and now feels it one of the most worthwhile investments he has made - he absolutely loves it. We have invested in more equipment because of popularity and are about to launch 2 more FIGHT KLUB® concepts,  'Warrior Workout' and 'Kick Ass Bootcamp'  in January 2013 . 

The members are super excited for January, as am I !

Marion Cumberbatch - Studio Coordinator - David Lloyd Hampton

David Lloyd Heston

My first experience of FIGHT KLUB® was in April 2012 at Fit Pro (Loughborough University).
I was at the event to try out new programmes that would possibly make an impact at our club.

FIGHT KLUB® was amazing! It's high energy, fun, and very addictive! I knew instantly it was going to be a success at our club. I came back to Heston and could not stop talking about it, and after many meetings with the Sports Manger and General Manager they gave me the go-ahead to bring it on-board. We trained 8 of my key instructors and we launched on 1st September 2012.

Now it's the members who just talk about it non stop! Our club has such a buzz about it again, its great! We have gone from running 11 Body Combat classes, down to 4 per week and even members in those classes want to hit bags now. We run 7 FIGHT KLUB® classes a week, we started off with 5 but had the put on additional classes to cope with the high demand. We even have a class fully booked at 4pm on a Saturday which has never worked in the past. In 9 weeks we have more than 1460 members take part with waiting lists on most of the classes!

Members are bringing friends along and some members who haven't visited the club for months are back in the club. We also have members who have never set foot in a studio or have never done a class in their lives, joining the FIGHT KLUB® classes - men too!

FIGHT KLUB® has been the best thing to happen to Heston in a long time. We would like to thank Troy and The Fitness Moovement Ltd for introducing such an addictive programme to us. Their on-going support has been has been amazing.

All I can say to other David Lloyd Sports Managers, is if you haven't launched FIGHT KLUB® yet, what are you waiting for?!

Tracy Heston - Studio Coordinator - David Lloyd Heston